Technická podpora

What are Mailocator Actions?

Actions are used to handle Mailocator over javascript events used in your popups or designs.
You can use actions to display popup, close popup, subscribe form, validate form, display popup or design into given element and much more.

How can I use it?

Simple call action you need by following statement: 'action_name' )

You can also run more actions... 'action1|action2|next_action' )

And you can give some parameter to action... 'action:parameter' )

Where to use it?

You should to attach actions to buttons and forms in source code of your popup or design, see example:
<form id="MailocatorForm" onsubmit=" 'submit' ); return false">

<img src="h/img/close-button.png" onclick=" 'close' )" />